Navigating the Start-up Journey

All the Information you need from start-up to running a small business

Build Your Businesses is a business support service. It was founded by a number of people who have been running their own businesses. The founders (who will be acting individually through their businesses as listed in the Contact Us page of this website) have one core objective. To simplify the process, and reduce the time needed, to put in place the services you need to set up a business and to support you as your business develops.

This will be done through:

  • Publications (you can download the guide Navigating the start-up journey: The only guide you’ll need to navigate from start-up to running a small business) on this website. It’s free, but only for a limited period
  • Articles (please refer to our blog page)
  • Videos
  • Training, coaching and mentoring (both on line and classroom based)
  • Assisting businesses in finding suppliers for services they need, whether individually or as a package


We look forward to working with your business, whether you are in the “set up” phase, the early years of your business or if you are looking to take your business to the next stage of development.

Build Your Businesses is developing its activities so we would welcome your feedback on the services we provide and suggestions on what you think would be useful additional services for new and developing businesses.

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