Do you use digital marketing for your website? Or is it a catalogue or taking place of a company fact sheet? Everyone has a website nowadays so use it to market your business.

It’s not expensive if you know how. Remember though, however successful you are don’t forget it’s only one part of your mix that includes advertising, networking, trade shows, corporate events, etc.

Here are 9 tips to achieve success:-

  1. Think “big issues” when deciding where to focus new digital marketing efforts.

Where should I start?” With so many innovative technologies and tactics available, deciding where to focus your digital marketing, can be overwhelming and leave you stuck maintaining the status quo. So, think about the one factor that your business needs, and how marketing can make a difference. That’s where you should direct your time and resources.

Identify the main event in your customer relationship that drives revenue, and loyalty, and focus your energy and attention on improving  and supporting this area.

  1. Identify and build your buyer personas.

digital marketing personasMany marketers “make up” their marketing strategy, campaigns, content and digital tactics. Developing buyer personas can help you avoid this scenario and create strategies and campaigns that resonate with your future buyers. To further understand the process and why you need it go to this link >>>

  1. Leverage social to find ideal prospects.

Social acquisition might be the channel for both list growth and new user acquisition. While most of us know what makes our ideal customer, there are many sites that have a bigger view of their user base.

Think about Twitter’s 400 million active users and Facebook’s billion-plus users and if you are working in the B2B space LinkedIn is, I find, the most useful Social Media platform. Using new tools, marketers can upload a list of known users (with as much behavioural data as possible), and these social sites will run an analysis on their data and provide a list of similar prospects.

This matching of your known attributes with social users can quickly accelerate your acquisition strategy. It’s a great way to cast a wider net and only pay for as many prospects as you want to reach.

  1. Look for new ways to collect marketing data.

If you want to improve your data quality, think about six pieces of information you’d like to know about each person in your database. Once you’ve decided on your six questions, put a plan in place to get the answers. Here are some options:

  • Email a Survey Request
  • Install a Pop-Over Window
  • Use Progressive Profiling
  • Trail Call Centre Reps
  • Collect via Point of Sale

These are just a few ideas – depending on your business. You may be able to leverage more from your database. Also, don’t forget your digital marketing analytics – Google analytics, email results. All these can make your future campaigns better.

  1. Map out your customer journey.

digital marketing customer journeyThe customer journey includes not just every place your customer meets your company, employees and brands but also retailers, partners, review sites and more. Mapping this journey means understanding all those stages, from researching to buying to loyalty, as well as the obstacles on that path. See this link for guidance >>>

Once done, you can determine the kinds of content that can get customers to continue with your company. Your goal is to know which messages you’ll deploy at each stage of the journey. Then build a campaign brief that maps out what would work best, as well as the data you need to determine the content required.

  1. Think multichannel personalisation.

Some marketers send individualised emails, but are still serving the same content in other digital channels. Think how you can start providing more personal connections between your brand and your customer on every channel.

  1. Craft content that doesn’t just ask contacts to buy.

Your customers aren’t always there to purchase. If all they hear from you is “buy this,” can you blame them for turning you off? So, create content that helps your contacts solve problems, buy better, and even find interesting things they wouldn’t have uncovered any other way.

For example:-

  • Present information that can help your customers use your products correctly.
  • Add customer voices to your emails by featuring reviews, and other user-generated content.
  • Become the authority in your market niche by sharing “insider” news and information.
  • Improve onboarding new customers with information that helps them find what they want faster.
  1. Incorporate video into your marketing mix.

Include informative videos in your digital marketing strategy, such as thought leadership content or compelling customer stories, to engage customers pressed for time.

It’s become simpler for companies to produce video, with smartphones able to capture video that approximates professional quality. Consider Instagram video to add more dimension to your social presence.

Integrating video into your customer journey can increase customer satisfaction and move prospects closer to purchasing.

  1. Add value to your transactional emails.

email digital marketingA transactional email drives twice the opens of non-transactional messages, yet marketers often miss this opportunity to provide value and build deeper connections. If your transactional emails are limited to purchase information, consider including educational content that increases customer satisfaction.

For example, links to beginner’s guides, demo videos, FAQs or a user forum can help enhance the buyer experience. I recommend as you start your email nurturing that you should use an email provider like MailChimp that is free to use for 1,000 contacts and let’s you create a great HTML email and you can segment your database to ensure that the right messages go out to each segment in a personalised manner.

If you do everything I have suggested don’t expect results overnight. To get your traffic moving upwards and getting regular conversions into leads, you need to nurture will take time, at least 6 months. So, be prepared to hang on in there.

There’s a lot changing in digital marketing, but remember: Today’s disruption is tomorrow’s opportunity. These 9 tips should help you take better advantage of some exciting opportunities, but to keep in touch follow my blog from here >>>